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Color Blue-pink-grey-green-purple
Product Dimensions 26"L x 10"W
Style Compact
Pattern Solid

About this item

  • ?Super Absorbent & Quick Drying? The HOMEXCE hair towel wrap is crafted from high-quality, soft, and breathable microfiber material that's incredibly absorbent and can soak up to 10 times its weight in water. Say goodbye to spending too much time with your hairdryer and hello to reduced frizz and split ends!
  • ?Machine Washable & Durable? Our microfiber hair towels are built to last. They're tough and won't tear or shrink, even after countless machine washes. Plus, they're compact and lightweight, making them perfect for travel, the gym, yoga, camping, home, hotels, pool parties, and hair salons.
  • ?Unique Design & Easy to Use? With its strong elastic loop, our hair towel wrap stays securely in place. It's a breeze to use—simply wrap your hair in the towel turban, twist it gently, and fasten it with the buttons. Enjoy the freedom to get dressed, do your makeup, or even practice yoga while your hair dries, without worrying about the towel slipping off.
  • ?Suitable for All Hair Types? Our 10" x 26" microfiber hair wraps are versatile hair accessories suitable for women, men, and kids. No matter your hair type—long, short, straight, curly, thick, thin, or wavy—our towels have got you covered. They're one-size-fits-all for ultimate convenience.
  • ?Ideal Gifts? Each package contains a set of three hair turbans in fresh colors. They make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for your family, friends, or girlfriend. Warm Tip: Remember to wash the hair towels before the first use.

Product Description

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Product Benefits Volumizing
Shape Flat
Brand Dmriektu
Hair Type All
Material Ceramic Tourmaline

About this item

  • ?Bring Back the 80's fashion?With our hair crimper, you can effortlessly bring the 80's crimped hairstyle back. You can create voluminous and fluffy hairstyles with ease.
  • ?5 Temperature Settings?This crimping iron featuring 5 temperature settings (290/330/370/410/450°F). The adjustable temperature allows for precise control, making it suitable for all hair types from thin to thick and coarse.
  • ?PTC Fast Heat Up?The crimper hair tool heats up to 410°F in 30s for quick styling and a smooth effect, reduces your waiting time. The built-in PTC heater maintains a constant temperature, providing you with a consistent hairstyling experience.
  • ?Auto Shut-off & Dual Voltage?This hair crimper provides a 60-minute automatic shut-off function peace of mind in case you forget to turn it off. Never worred about overheating. 100-240V dual voltage, that's perfect for worldwide use.
  • ?Safe Styling?Our crimping iron adopts an ergonomic non-slip design, incredibly easy to use. The 6ft 360°swivel cord ensures hassle-free styling, while the heat-resistant glove protects your hand from burns.

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Product Description

Looking to bring back the nostalgic 80's crimped hairstyle but with a modern twist? Look no further! Our Dmriektu hair crimper for women is a must-have styling tool designed to help you create volumizing fluffy hairstyles in no time. Boasting quick 30S heating up time, five temperature settings (290/330/370/410/450°F), and a dual-voltage (100-240V) design, you can use this crimper hair iron wherever you are in the world. Not just quick and versatile, this crimping iron takes care of your hair too! Thanks to its ceramic coating, it ensures that heat is evenly distributed, reducing the risk of hair damage. Ease of use is paramount to us. That's why this iron features a 6 ft 360° swivel cord and an ergonomic non-slip design. Join the wave of reviving 80's fashion. Get your hands on the Dmriektu crimper hair iron today:)

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Product Benefits Strengthening
Hair Type All
Scent Castor with Rosemary 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
Liquid Volume 8 Fluid Ounces
Item Form Oil

About this item

  • 100% PURE & NATURAL CASTOR OIL – Our castor carrier oil is used for essential oils mixing, hair care skin care, aromatherapy massage and has endless uses.
  • HAIR GROWTH OIL AND HAIR STYLING OIL – Castor Oil helps moisturize and strengthen hair follicles locking in moisture in hair shaft for healthier looking hair. A moisturizing hair oil for women and men, is good for all hair types.
  • CASTOR OIL FOR EYELASHES AND EYEBROWS – Castor oil is full of nutrients that promote natural lash growth and hair growth. Known to help strengthen eye lashes and eyebrows to create a naturally full lash line.
  • ROSEMARY CASTOR OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH CAN USE FOR HAIR STYLING – Rosemary essential oil is a natural hair growth oil for healthy hair growth and dry scalp treatment. Rosemary oil is soothing on the scalp and a perfect hair oil for dry damaged hair.
  • NATURAL SKIN MOISTURIZER – Adding castor oil to your skincare routine can help nourish and hydrate the skin. It contains many awesome fatty acids that deeply penetrate the skin and retain moisture.

Product Description

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Color Small Black 36 Ct
Material Metal
Item Form Elastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.5 x 2.75 x 0.25 inches

About this item

  • Goody Ouchless Elastic is America's No.1 Elastic
  • Ouchless elastics are made with the new inches smart stretch core inches which is 40% stronger and doesn't loose it's shape
  • Great for pulling your hair up any time of day
  • 2mm no-metal black elastics, great for thin to medium thick hair
  • Packaging may vary

From the manufacturer

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Brand NuWay 4Hair
Color Toffy
Shape Oval
Bristle Material Proprietary Nylon Composition
Handle Material Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPR)

About this item

  • NuWay Brush C Brush are high quality hair brushes made for all hair types . Any NuWay 4Hair brand brush is a brush for all hair types, from thick to thin, long or short. Tame and comb through any texture of hair, wet or dry, straight or curly, including extensions, or even wigs.
  • Ergonomic shape increases blood flow. Our expertly designed brushes feature an ergonomic curved shape, made to fit your head and hands perfectly. Working to increase blood flow, our gentle brushes massage the scalp for your comfort and hair health.
  • Vented paddle body reduces dry time. Detangle and dry your hair with ease and minimal effort using our innovatively designed, patented hairbrushes. Our vented brush allows for optimal airflow and is designed to quickly and efficiently dry wet hair.
  • Heat resistant hair brush bristles. Our brushes feature exclusive BrainyBristles, which are heat resistant to over 350 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the perfect addition to your styling tools. Blowdry and apply heat without worry of melting or warping. (Always use the diffuser on your dryer.)
  • SureGrip NonSlip TPR handle for a secure grip. Our NuWay 4Hair C Brush features a functional non-slip handle design with extra cushioning and grip, so that you can safely and securely brush, detangle, and style your hair even with wet hands or in the shower.

Product Description

Scalp Care Detangling Brush

US patented Ergonomic C Shape fits and massages your scalp,

bringing you healthy shiny hair


C Brush

  • International Patented Ergonomic Shape - The shape fits your head and massages your scalp.
  • InternationalPatented Circular Venting Scheme - Save drying time and protect the hair from heat damaging blow dryers.
  • Non-Slip TPR Handle - Ergonomic handle shape is easy to grab and the non-slip TPR grip design allows you to easily brush your hair during a shower.

Exclusive BrainyBristles

  • Tips Infused With Argan Oil-Helps maintain soft and shiny hair.
  • Double-Dipped Bristle Tips-Stimulates hair follicles for healthier hair.
  • Specially Formulated Built-in Protection Reduced Static-Reduces static electricity in the hair when brushing. Built-in Tourmaline Ionic Technology-Produces negative ions and closes the cuticle layer.
  • BriainyBristles are SGS Test Labs certified to withstand temperatures of up to 356 degrees F. with Built-in static reduction (ALWAYS USE THE DIFFUSER ON YOUR DRYER!)




Scalp Care

International Patented Ergonomic C Shape - The shape perfectly meets the contour of the scalp, massages your scalp with each stroke, promote blood circulation. Brings you healthy hair.

Fast Dry

International Patented Circular Venting Scheme - Save drying time and protect the hair from heat-damaging blow dryers.

Styling & Volumize

The C shape effortless make perfect styling and curve.





Hot Blow-dry

BriainyBristles are SGS Test Labs certified to withstand temperatures of up to 356 degrees F. with Built-in static reduction (ALWAYS USE THE DIFFUSER ON YOUR DRYER!)

Apply Product

The perfect shape to carry hair product.

Easy to Wash

Easy to maintain clean.

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Brand 7MAGIC
Color Deep Green
Wattage 1400 watts
Power Source Corded Electric
Special Feature Indicator Light, Ionic Technology, Removable Air Filter, ALCI Safety Plug

About this item

  • ?Save 50% more Time than Traditional Hair Dryers?Our high-speed hair dryer with a rotation speed of 110,000 RPM and a wind speed of 22m/s, blasts out a powerful airflow, getting medium to long hair dried in just 2 minutes. It's not just for hair though, this professional hair dryer is perfect for drying other things like shoes and clothes, especially when you're in a hurry. With its rapid drying feature, 7MAGIC hair dryer helps busy folks save valuable time
  • ?Healthier Hair, Environmentally Friendly?High-speed blow dryer with powerful airflow generate less heat, reducing hair exposure to high temperatures and protecting hair . During the summer, using a ionic hair dryer keeps your hair fresh and dry, while in the winter, it minimizes static. Moreover, our hair dryers for women and men feature brushless motors, promoting hair health and also contributing to energy conservation, making them environmentally friendly
  • ?30% Noise Reduction and 99% Hair Inhalation Prevention?Hair blow dryer equipped with brushless motors produce 30% less noise during the hair-drying process compared to ordinary hair dryers. They are particularly suitable for use during the night or a quiet sense, such as when roommates or family are resting. Furthermore, the low noise level does not compromise the professional blow dryer's efficiency; you can still dry your hair in a shorter time while enjoying a peaceful experience
  • ?Versatile Temperature Settings for Personalized Use?The hair dryer for women offers 3 temperature settings (cool air/104?/158?) and 2 speed settings. These different temperature and speed cater to various needs, such as quick drying, hair protection, and styling. The circular light displays different colors that correspond to specific temperatures, allowing for control of the temperature for your hair. Additionally, by long-pressing the temp button, you can blow hot and cool air simultaneously
  • ?Versatile Usage for Various Scenarios?The 7MAGIC hair blow dryer is crafted from high-quality materials, making it more durable compared to other hair dryers. During travel, this travel hair dryer is easy to carry, allowing people to quickly dry their hair and save time on the go. At the gym, after showering, the blow dryer can be used to swiftly dry the body and clothing. When styling, it reduces the waiting time and the hair dryer's operating time, which enhances the hair dryer usability

Product Description

Functions of 7MAGIC High-speed Hair Dryer:

1. Brushless motor, motor speed: 110,000 RPM, effectively protects hair.

2. 3-color LED ring displays hot/warm/cool air modes and allows for simultaneous use of hot and cool air.

3. Maximum airspeed of 18m/s, reducing hair drying time by 50% compared to other ionic blow dryers.

4. The filter is extremely small, only 0.2mm, preventing 99% of hair from being inhaled.

5. Noise level is less than 78dB, ensuring a quieter hair-drying experience.

6. Intelligent heating design with NTC control for precise temperature adjustment according to hair type.

7. Magnetic concentrator and filter enhance safety and facilitate maintenance of the professional hair dryer.

Benefits of Brushless Motors:

1. High Efficiency: The brushless motor enables the hair blow dryer to achieve higher rotational speed and power output, resulting in a quicker generation of powerful airflow for efficient hair drying and faster drying times.

2. Energy Savings: The brushless motor efficiently converts energy, leading to energy conservation and improved blow dryer usage.

3. Stability: The brushless motor enhances the hair dryer's usage, making it more stable and reliable. It maintains excellent performance even during prolonged operations.

Hair Types for Different Temperatures:

1. Cold air: Provides natural air, ideal for quick drying of hair or other objects when no hot air is needed.

2. Low temp air: Gentle warm air suitable for everyday hair care and specific hair types or styles.

3. Medium temp air: Higher heat for faster hair drying, perfect for situations when time is limited but you don't want to cause damage to your hair.

4. Alternating hot and cold air: Preserves the health and shine of your hair. It also helps maintain the longevity and shape of your hairstyle.

1. Faster Drying: High-speed blow dryers typically deliver more powerful airflow, which saves more time compared to regular hair dryers when drying your hair.

2. Hair Protection: The strong airflow of a negative ion hair dryer means less time exposed to hot air, resulting in healthier hair.

3. Portability: Designed with a compact and lightweight build, they are perfect for travel and business trips.

Aromatherapy Feature Benefits:

1. Enhanced Pleasurable Drying Experience: Aromatherapy adds a delightful ambiance to the blow-drying process by emitting fragrances that help users feel more relaxed and comfortable.

2. Creating a Romantic Atmosphere: On special romantic occasions, using a blowdryer with aromatherapy capability can add to the romantic ambiance, such as during dates, celebrations, and other special occasions.

How to use aromatherapy function?

1. Press the aromatherapy box on the main unit and the box will pop out.

2. Insert a solid aromatherapy stick (not included, need to prepare it yourself).

3. Then press the aromatherapy box again, it will automatically lock the product.

4. If you need to remove the aromatherapy box, please do so after using the hairdryer for a period of time and allowing it to cool down.

Travel hairdryer are commonly used in various settings such as homes, during travel, or at the gym.

1. At home: people often use hair dryers to quickly dry and style their hair after washing.

2. When traveling: the convenience of a portable travel blow dryer allows people to quickly dry their hair on the go.

3. At the gym: it is common for individuals to use fast-drying hair dryers after showering to quickly dry their hair and get ready to leave.

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Brand Xpoliman
Color Green & Gold
Material Nylon, Plastic
Wattage 2000 watts
Power Source Corded Electric

About this item

  • ?? ?FOCUS ON EACH HAIR QUALITY? -- 3 heat settings and 2 speeds are combined into 6 modes, equipping with two premium nozzles, and the lightweight design makes you complete salon modelings at home effortlessly, meeting the demands of all hairstyles: thin, thick, curly and straight
  • ?? ?ASSURE USING SAFETY? : Powerful 2000 Watt produce strong air flow to dry hair with low noise.Double protection circuit design.Standard US ALCI safety Plug(Auto Leakage Protection).100V~127V USA Voltage input. (Will be automatically activated when short circuit or leakage of electricity happens)
  • ?? ?NEGATIVE IONIC TECHNOLOGY? : Advanced tourmaline-ionization technology generates negative ions and concentrated far-infrared for intelligent heat to quickly dry hair from the inside out, reduce frizz and static,protects hair from dull or damaged and makes hair moister, smoother.
  • ?? ?MULTIPLE MODES & ATTACHMENTS? : Full set attachments meet the demands of all hairstyles:Includes one Finger Diffuser to lift and build body, Includes two Airflow Concentrator for precise drying power, Includes one Pick for untangle hair and stretch out a curl
  • ?? ?SERVICE&WARRANTY? : 100% No Risk: 45 days money back, 12 months quality warranty. If you are not satisfied with this product, please contact us without hesitation, our customer service will contact you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory result.

From the brand



With Xpoliman's hairdryer, you can quickly dry your hair at home and style it however you like.

It is also suitable for hair salon use.

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    Stylish and Practical


    Xpoliman is a brand dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge technology in beauty products, designing and manufacturing high-performance haircut and beauty products.

    WE START IN 1990s.

    We focus on the development and design of unique beauty salon products and their accessories, and our mission is to make people a more convenient, happy and comfortable lifestyle.


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Product Description


The powerful AC motor hair blow dryer provides high airflow and healthy heat.

Longer life, more stable and safe than ordinary DC hair dryers

and 50% faster dry your hair, reducing drying time and noise.

High Concentration Ion

With Negative Ionic Technology, emiting massive negative ions ( The average concentration is 160,000 per cubic centimeter ) to eliminate frizz makes hair moister, smoother, protect hair from dull or damaged.


Applicable to all scenarios




Curly hair

If you have a curly hair, the Diffuser included in our package can make it easy for you to blow dry your hair without hurting your hair

Straight hair

If you have a flowing straight hair, the Concentrator included in our product package is very suitable for your straight hair, so that you have a smooth straight hair.

Modelling of men

If you want to style your hair, then our product is perfect for you because it has 3 Heat + 2 Speed + Cool Button.

Multiple modes can be flexibly adjusted and applies to every season.






Styling Concentrator

Engineered to create a high-velocity blade of air that's perfect for styling. And because the air is focused, you can style one section at a time - without disturbing the rest.


Engineered to disperse air more evenly around your curls, the Diffuser simulates natural drying, helping to reduce frizz and define curls and waves. Longer prongs allow you to style more hair with greater control – and reach deeper into the hair.

Wide-tooth Comb

Engineered for curly and textured hair, the Wide-tooth comb attachment has robust teeth to help lengthen hair as it dries, or create volume and shape.



Powerful 2000 Watt with AC Motor,Quick Drying Salon Hairdryers with Diffuser Fast Drying Blow Dryer

The first-class ion generator in the dryer was developed by many professionals. DIFFERENT FROM OTHER DRYERS ON THE MARKET, our dryer is able to efficiently preserve moisture, keeping the hair smooth.

  • Xpoliman is a company dedicated to cutting-edge technology research for outdoor and furniture products.
  • Our products are designed to bring better experience and convenience to customers, so as to improve people's quality of life and lifestyle.
  • We focus on research and development and sales of unique outdoor and furniture products and accessories, our mission is to let people have a more convenient, happy, comfortable lifestyle.

Our Xpoliman hairdryer adopts corrugated heating wire, which is safe and not easy to get red due to high temperature.

The use of ALCI leakage plug can effectively prevent leakage, to provide you with a safe use experience.

Use of US ALCI safety plug:

Press the red button to turn on the power (factory setting is on), if you need to disconnect the power, press the yellow button. If you want to power on again, press the red button again

  • 3 Heat Settings (Low/Medium/High), 2 Air Speeds Setting (Soft/Fast) and one Cool Shot Button. Multiple modes can be flexibly adjusted and applies to every season.
  • This product has 3 Heat Settings (?High, ?Medium, ?Low), which are used for fast hair drying, constant temperature hair care, and gentle blow drying. There are 2 Air Speed Settings (?Strong, ?Medium).

The best gift for someone you love

1,Xpoliman ionic hair dryers help people with naturally different hair types and colors to say farewell to the norm.

2,Non-slip handle for flexible operation.

3,The user-friendly Silky-touch body and ergonomic streamlined design bring an extraordinary experience.


If you smell a slight odor when using this product in the beginning, don't worry, this is normal.

Because this product uses high-end U-shaped heating wire, the safety performance is better than other heating wires, but this heating wire has a thin layer of protective oil on it. After a short period of use, this odor will disappear.

100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
14 days for return
14 days for return
Nationwide delivery
Nationwide delivery